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the online store available at is provided by Sergiy Serdyuk, conducting business as Le Pollen, with its registered office at Kościelna 22, Pruszków (05-800), REGON 520312062, NIP 5213943981. Quick and efficient contact is provided via phone at 570 626529 and email at This regulation defines the types and scope of services provided electronically though the store, including the rules for concluding and executing sales agreements and the rights and obligations of the Customer and the Seller.


  • Personal Data Administrator - Sergiy Serdyuk, conducting business as Le Pollen, with its registered office at Kościelna 22, Pruszków (05-800), Regon 520312062, NIP 5213943981

  • Online Store/Service - the online platform available at, consisting of graphic elements and software enabling the provision of electronic services to Users.

  • Seller- the entity managing and operating the Service as defined in point II clause1.

  • Sales Agreement- a distance contract concluded between the Customer and the Seller through the online store, the subject of which is the Goods.

  • Service- electronic services provided by the Seller through the online store.

  • User- any natural person using the Service

  • Customer - a natural person, legal person or unincorporated organisational unit with legal capacity that is granted legal capacity enter into an agreement with the Seller through the Service.

  • Consumer- a natural person performing a legal act not directly rated their business or professional activity with the Seller.

  • Goods - a product, movable item presented with a detailed description on the Service.

  • Newsletter-  a message sent cyclically by the Seller to the email address specified by the User, containing commercial information, in particular about promotions, sales , news , collections, or other data related to the Service's activities

  • Privacy's Policy - a document attached to this Regulation.

  • Regulation - this document.

  • Civil Code - the act of April 23, 1964, the Civil Code ( Journal of Laws of 2016, item 380, as amended).

  • Consumer Rights ACt- the Act of May, 2014, on consumer right ( Journal of Laws, item 827,as amended).


  • The User can access the Regulation at any time by clicking on the Regulation" tab on the online store's website.

  • The Seller undertakes to provide Services to the User in the scope and on the therms specified in the Regulation.

  • The User undertakes to comply with this Regulation and to use the online store in accordance with the applicable laws.

  • Information about Goods on the online store, including descriptions and prices, constitutes an invitation to enter into a sales agreement within the meaning of Art. 71 of the Civil Code.

  • The Goods in the online store are precisely identified, In particular by specifying their properties, prices, and the material from which they are made.


  • The Seller enables the conclusion of sales agreements for Goods via the Internet and provides other Services specified in the Regulation.

  • The condition for starting to use the online store is to become familiar with the Regulation and accept it.

  • Failure to accept the provisions of the Regulation makes it impossible to conclude a Sales Agreement.

- The Technical requirements necessary to use the services are as follows:

- having a device with access to the Internet ,

- using the appropriate web browsers, through which web pages are displayed, e.g., Internet Explorer, Opera , Firefox , Chrome , Safari

- having an email account.

- The Seller provides the following services through the online store:

- enabling the conclusion of Sales Agreements,

- sending ordered commercial information about promotions and Goods in the form of a Newsletter

- enabling the User to correspond with the Seller through the contact form.

  • The services specified in clause 7 are provided by the Seller free of charge.

  • The User is responsible for the costs associated with accessing the Internet and data transmission according to their Internet service provider's tariff

  • The User is obliged to use the online store in a manner consistent with its purpose and refrain from any activity that could disrupt its proper functioning

  • The Seller takes necessary actions to ensure the correct and error free operation of the Service, taking into account current technical knowledge and undertakes to promptly correct any irregularities reported by Users.


  • The Seller allows the purchase of Goods on the online store's website using the order placement procedure described below via the form.

  • A Sales Agreement for Goods is concluded between the Customer and the Seller.

  • The Seller accepts online orders 24  hours a day, seven days a week.

  • Orders placed on Saturdays, public holidays and non working days will be processed on the first working day following the day the order is placed.

  • The Customer can place an order as a registered User or as a guest.

  • In the case of a registered User, The Customer can log in to their account on the online store's website using the login and password provided during registration.

  • In the case of a guest, the Customer should fill out the order form and provide their data necessary to complete the order.

- to place an order, the Customer Should:

Choose the goods they are interested in,

add the selected Goods to the shopping cart by clicking the "Add to Cart" button

go to the shopping cart ,

provide the delivery address

Choose the method of deliver,

choose the method of payment,

confirm the order by clicking the "Place Order" button

  • The Customer can modify the order and provide the data necessary to complete the order at any time until the " Place Order button is clicked

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