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​   Regular cleaning and impregnation of the leather allow it to maintain its durability and beautiful appearance. In addition, they are masked      minor abrasions and scratches. Below are some helpful tips.

  • Clean first, then impregnate.

  • Grain leather - remove dirt with a cotton cloth moistened with water, you can use agents intended for cleaning this type of leather. Avoid excessive moisture. The completely dried bag should be greased with cream, wax or other preparation intended for the care of grain leather. Without proper lubrication, the leather will become brittle, susceptible to scratches and cracks and will absorb moisture.

  • Patent leather - remove dirt with a cotton cloth moistened with water, you can use agents intended for cleaning this type of leather. Do not grease patent leather because its surface structure is closed so that it does not absorb liquids from the environment.

  • Suede, nubuck (rough leather) - particularly difficult to clean, so try not to get it wet or stained. Removing dirt using a special rubber or block for cleaning rough leather. They should be used gently and sensitively to avoid damaging the skin. Protect against moisture with waterproof spray impregnations. Remember that waterproofing agents for suede or nubuck may darken the leather.

  • Zippers, fittings, sequins - do not spray or rub impregnations into the leather, as they may cause discoloration or matting.

  • Drying – the soaked bag should be dried at room temperature, away from heat sources (radiators, fans). Do not use an electric dryer.

  • Storage – to avoid deformation of the bag, fill it with white wrapping paper or bubble wrap. Do not allow contact with other materials or leather, as the leather may become discolored.

  • Discoloration – remember that leather handbags discolor very easily, especially when they are soaked in water or sweat. Avoid contact of the bag with jeans, other leather or materials. Also protect the inside of your bag - keep your pens, pens and pencils in a case.

  • Weights – avoid overloading your bag. Even shopping bags should not be used to carry heavy items. Yes, they are roomy, but remember - luxury products require proper treatment to remain that way. Too much weight will stretch the handles, weaken the seams, and change the shape and appearance of the bag.

  • Cosmetics and perfumes – cosmetic products may cause discoloration of the skin or lining. Be especially careful with mascara, lipstick, perfumes, toilet waters, antiperspirants, and nail polishes.

  • Removing dried stains, renovation, restoring the original color and many other activities is better left to professionals. Tinting paint, liquid skin or similar products that are widely available require a good hand, knowledge and experience from their user. Therefore, we encourage you to take advantage of the cleaning and maintenance services offered by companies that specialize in this on a daily basis.

  • We can always help with the renovation and repair of the bag, just contact us by e-mail.

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