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By purchasing  The bag at LE POLLEN has a 12-month warranty.

a) the products we sell are free from defects

b) the warranty period lasts 12 months from the date of purchase and covers manufacturing, construction or technical defects existing in the product at the time of purchase.

c) We are not responsible for damage or destruction of the product or its parts for reasons other than their defects.

In particular, we are not responsible for: 

- any mechanical damage not detected at the time of purchase, including damage that may occur as a result of improper transport, storage, use (e.g. getting wet, poor maintenance, carrying too heavy items in the bag) or as a result of an accident; 

- natural wear and tear of the product due to use, in particular dirt, differences in the color and structure of the leather, creases, abrasions or wrinkles arising during use, resulting from the natural properties of the leather;

- damage resulting from use inconsistent with the product's intended use; 

- damage caused by external factors beyond the Seller's control; 

- defects resulting from the Buyer's negligence; 

- skin damage caused by sunlight, exposure of the product to too high or low temperatures, abrasions, contact of the product with acids, solvents, possibly other chemical solutions, and water.

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